Getting out of bed can seem nearly impossible without hitting the snooze button. Does this sound familiar? Hate doesn’t even begin to describe what you feel for your alarm when you hear that loud buzz waking you from a deep slumber. Don’t waste your energy fretting, Naturade is here to help you shake it off and finally become a morning person.

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Becoming a morning person isn’t about following a social norm. Recent studies show waking up early leads to an overall healthier life compared to staying awake later.  It is also proven that early risers are often more productive and content as they get their most pressing to do’s out of the way before the rest of us.

If living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t change your mind, maybe the sheer simplicity of these quick tips will help make waking up early more appealing!

1. Don’t Give Up
It takes 21 days to effectively form a habit. Keep at it! The first few days may make the whole idea seem crazy or impossible, but the important thing is to create consistency. Hold your self accountable to keep up the healthy routine.

2. Don’t Compromise on Sleep
An important thing to remember when making any of these life changes is that they shouldn’t compromise any other healthy habits. Allow yourself to wake up a couple hours earlier, but don’t lose hours of sleep by doing so. If one night you are going to bed at 3am, don’t wake up at 6am the following morning. This can lead to exhaustion and lower productivity.

Listen to your body. Make sure you’re getting approximately 7-8 hours of sleep. Set a strict bedtime and enforce it until you’ve seen how great it feels to get a good night’s rest!

3. Play Hide and Seek
It may seem silly, but moving your alarm clock across the room forces you to get up and realistically, isn’t that half of the struggle? When immediately jumping out of bed starts becoming easier and easier for you, try putting the alarm clock in new places every night and playing a little game every morning. This will wake you up quickly!

4. Get Hydrated
After a full night’s sleep without drinking any water, waking up dehydrated can cause that grogginess we know too well! A glass of water can work miracles and keep get you pumped for the rest of your day!

5. Exercise Early
It is not only true that early morning exercises are more productive and effective, but they also give you that extra boost of energy to get you through the rest of the day. Are you really going to say no to endorphins?

6. Plan Ahead
Lay out your clothes the night before and make sure to pack your lunch and gym bags in advance! Make your mornings as quick and efficient as possible by making small changes. Taking the rush out of your morning is a sure-fire way to make it seem less dreadful!

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  • Michelle Henry
    January 2, 2017 1:24 pm

    Great tips! I agree that you cannot compromise on sleep. Often times we put sleep low on our priority list, but when you do that you lose all of that energy and rejuvenation to get things done. Thanks for the great post!


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