When it comes to hygiene, it is important to remember that not all soaps were created equal. This was brought to our attention years ago, with the introduction of antibacterial soap. As consumers, we were told that antibacterial soap was better for us because it killed bacteria more efficiently and effectively than other soaps on the market. Who doesn’t want bacteria killed more quickly?

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped in and provided information to us that contradicts that information. With years of potential benefits and few results, the FDA demanded antibacterial soap manufacturers provide data supporting these claims. After research was conducted, turns out the potential benefits have not come to life. In fact, it brought about the discovery that antibacterial soap may do more harm than good to users. Researchers fear that these types of soaps may create a super bacteria that could possibly be resistant to antibiotics. It is also thought that these soaps may negatively impact body systems.

In an attempt to keep consumers healthy, the FDA has decided to ban the 19 commonly used ingredients in antibacterial soap. Triclosan and Triclocarban are among the most commonly used chemicals that are no longer allowed in antibacterial soap formulas. The FDA has given manufacturers a year to phase these chemicals out of their antibacterial soap formulas. They have also started researching and demanding data on the effectiveness of other antibacterial products.

While soap manufacturers begin to change their formula keep your eyes open for hand soaps. Try to avoid antibacterial soaps with ingredients that the FDA deems unsafe. It is suggested to use regular soap and water to fulfill your hand hygiene needs. Soap and water has been used for years without complaint and is thought to be helpful in aiding immune systems.

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