Essential vitamins every kid needs

There are many vitamins and nutrients essential to childhood.

Kids are a tricky bunch. Sometimes they're really picky eaters and you're not sure if they're getting all of the vitamins and nutrients they need. Luckily, because many of our foods are fortified today, most kids do get all of the essentials, according to the Mayo Clinic, and there's really no need for a multivitamin. However, if children are on restricted diets, have food allergies, suffer from chronic diseases or have been diagnosed with failure to thrive, they could need a doctor-recommended multivitamin. Here are the main nutrients in vitamins important for child health, along with their functions:

  • Vitamin A: Supports bone growth and vision, protects the body against infection
  • Vitamin D: Supports growth and bone mass, builds strong teeth and bones, helps the body absorb calcium and other minerals
  • Vitamin E: Limits free radical production
  • Vitamin C: Keeps gums healthy, boosts immune health and healing, helps repair and form cells in the body
  • Zinc: Aids digestion and metabolism
  • Iron: Makes hemoglobin that brings oxygen to the cells, prevents anemia
  • Potassium: Helps control water balance in body and maintain blood pressure
  • Magnesium: Keeps heart beats steady and supports immune system, muscle and nerve functions
  • Calcium: Supports growth of strong bones and teeth
  • Fatty acids: Support healthy brain function, vision and the cardiovascular system

Even the healthiest kids are prone to viruses going around, especially during flu season as they spend eight hours of their day in classrooms in close proximity to other kids. One great product to boost immune health is Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables by Naturade, which are made just for kids and come in three kid-friendly flavors: wild cherry, orange creme and pineapple. It uses Colostrum Plus® that is from the first milk of new mother cows, a nutrient-packed ingredient that may improve the immune system, along with other natural ingredients.

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