Exercising while you watch TV

You can do some easy exercises to get a good workout while watching TV.

So you've got a big conundrum: Your favorite show is on TV tonight – and come to think of it, there are shows you've been dying to see tomorrow and the next night, too. But you've committed to hitting the gym at least four nights a week to get in tip-top shape, even though it puts a squeeze on your busy schedule. So, should you miss your shows or suck it up and head to the gym? Turns out, you hardly have to leave the couch to get a workout, so do both! Here are some tips for exercising while you watch TV:

  • Triceps dips: Using the couch for support, place your hands on the edge and walk your feet out. Bend your elbows to "dip" down toward the ground and come back up. Complete two sets of 15.
  • Couch push-ups: Kneel on the floor 2 feet away from the couch but facing it. Put your hands on the edge, shoulder-width apart, and do a push-up, lowering your chest until it just touches but does not rest on the couch cushion.
  • Boat Pose: Sit on the floor with bent knees and hands by your side. Lean back onto your tail bone and slowly lift your legs until they are at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Lift your arms at the same time so that they are parallel with your knees in a way that helps you keep balance. Keep your back straight and hold the pose for 30 seconds. This is a great core-builder.
  • Sit-ups or crunches: These are self-explanatory and are a great workout to do anywhere that will tone your core. This is a good exercise to do during commercial breaks as it's hard to focus on the TV when your head is bobbing up and down and you're focusing on your abs.
  • Planks: Get in the push-up position, pull your stomach in and make sure your butt is in line with the rest of your body, rather than sticking straight into the air. Hold this position for 30 seconds then lower slowly to the ground.
  • Baby Cobra Pose: This one gives you a good stretch and – even better – you can do it while watching TV. Lie on your stomach and put your hands flat on the ground next to your chest. Use the tops of your feet and your hands to lift your upper body, keeping your elbows close and your hips downward pressed flat to the ground. Hold it for 30 seconds to get a good stretch in your lower back.

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