How to workout with your kids

Here are some great ideas for getting exercise with the kids.

When you have children, it can be difficult to find the time to workout between making dinner and shuttling them to and from soccer practice and piano lessons. But you can prioritize an exercise routine by making it a fun family affair – something you and the kids schedule in a few times a week to get quality family time and some much-needed physical activity. Here are some of our best ideas for working out with the kids:

With babies or toddlers

Jogging stroller

If you have a baby at home, invest in a high-quality jogging stroller to get a great workout with the kids in tow. Bundle them up – during nap time may even work – and set out on a jog or brisk walk. Not only will you be getting great cardio exercise, but you'll also have the added strength-training required to push the little ones in the stroller as you go.

Tummy time

Many parents give their infants tummy time in order to strengthen their neck muscles. While your baby is doing time on his or her tummy, you can do the plank position, holding for 30 seconds at a time, to build and strengthen your core muscles.

Baby weight lunges

Many people strap their babies into chest carriers while doing the dishes, laundry or other household activities. It seems that simply carrying your baby can be a great workout. Add in some plies, lunges and squats for great toning exercises.

With grade school children

Day at the park

Spend a day at the park with your family. Before enjoying a healthy picnic lunch, organize games and contests for the kids, such as a children versus adults soccer match, a vigorous game of tag or a challenging obstacle course – anything that keeps everyone constantly moving!

Family fun run

Many festivals and fairs, especially in the summer, host family fun runs, with 5ks for adults and shorter distances for kids, depending on age range. Sign the family up, ordering matching t-shirts and make sure to practice together a few weeks beforehand by taking jogs around the neighborhood.

Host a family room dance party

Kids need a break from homework, and one good way to do it is to have a 10-minute dance party in the living room. Make it a weeknight thing, and let each family member take a turn choosing the music. It's much better to let kids get their energy out and take a break from doing homework by dancing up a storm, rather than hunkering down on the couch with video game in hand.

Use commercial breaks wisely

If you and the kids are watching TV together, use commercial breaks to challenge each other to a sit​-up or pushup contest, or to see who has the best dance moves!

With older kids

Have a Wii competition

If you have the Wii video game system, this is a great way to get older kids to exercise with you. Challenge them to a boxing match, dance-off, baseball game, volleyball match or anything else athletic for a great time and connecting with junior high or high school kids, which isn't always easy.

Train for a triathlon

There are mini-triathlons or marathons for pre-teens and teens. You and your kids can connect over exercising by biking, jogging and swimming and tracking your goals together.

Go hiking

Older kids are more suited for longer hikes or bike rides. Take a family trip where hiking is on the agenda. Not only will you be spending excellent quality time together, but you'll get great exercise and also likely see some amazing sights.

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