Knowing and supporting your unique body type

Knowing and supporting your unique body type

If you find that your diet and exercise plan isn't having the effects you were hoping for, it could be because you're implementing a strategy that isn't best suited for your body type. There are three main types of bodies – ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph – and knowing which one you have can ensure that you develop a fitness regime that best suits your individual needs. 

The ectomorph body is defined by its delicate bone structure and features such as skinny limbs, a flat chest and buttocks and narrow shoulders. According to Daily Fitness, ectomorphs have a high metabolism and lots of lean muscle, and because their bodies burn calories so quickly, they often find that it's difficult to gain weight.

If you have an ectomorph frame, you may find that you get full quickly or don't have a big appetite. High density foods with plenty of fat – including avocados, almonds and peanut butter – can help you put on pounds. If you get full quickly, you should try eating several small meals a day rather than three large ones. Ectomorphs can also try a calorie-packed snack like Naturade Weight Gain Mix. When training, ectomorphs should use heavier weights and do only 5-10 repetitions. Take longer rests in between sets, and do cardio exercise less frequently than weight training. 

Endomorph bodies are essentially the opposite of the ectomorph. This body type is large, round and soft, with a low metabolism and muscles that are less defined. Endomorphs often fatigue easily, and may have a very high appetite. If you're an endomorph, you probably find that it's easy to gain weight and difficult to lose it. 

It's important for endomorphs to drink plenty of water to stay full and hydrated, and in addition, they should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Non-processed foods and whole grains are also important, though an endomorph diet should only include between 30 and 40 percent carbohydrates. When exercising, people with this body type should do as much cardio as possible. Endomorphs should use weights that are slightly lighter and do 15 or more reps during a set, taking a 30- or 45-second break in between sets. Compound lifts like squats are great for endomorphs, as they burn more calories and increase strength quickly

According to Muscle and Strength, mesomorph bodies are typically those that are "naturally athletic," with a large bone structure and defined muscles. Mesomorphs are strong and gain muscle quickly, and they generally have broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

A mesomorph diet can be high in calories as long as you are getting enough exercise, as this body type gains fat more quickly than ectomorphs. Carbohydrates should make up between 40 and 60 percent of food intake for mesomorphs, and you should consider breaking your food intake into five or six medium-sized meals over the course of the day. Mesomorphs should have a fitness routine that combines cardio and weight training, doing enough cardio to stay lean and doing eight to 12 reps during weight training. If you're a mesomorph, you'll likely see results from your fitness regime very quickly. 

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