Post-workout drinks for women

Tart cherry juice, along with whey protein and vegetable juice, is a good post-workout drink for women due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Men's bodies are different from women's and, thus, each sex has different nutritional requirements and needs that vary based on one's body type and fitness goals.

Post-workout nutrition is very important for repairing muscle and replenishing the body in the right way. After an intense workout, most people don't feel like eating a heavy meal. Instead, here are some post-workout drinks that are most beneficial for women:

Protein shakes
Protein is important for every person to recover from a workout. Women generally need less protein per serving than men. One good option is whey protein-based shakes, such as Naturade 100% Whey, because whey is derived from milk and is thus high in calcium, which is important for women's bone health. Naturade's VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake is also a good option for women because it is high in vitamins B6, folic acid, iron and zinc, all of which are especially important for women.

Tart cherry juice
This might seem strange, but recent research has shown that tart cherries might have the highest anti-inflammatory properties of any foods. Inflammation is common in joints after workouts, especially for women who are prone to arthritis. So, sipping on tart cherry juice – in addition to some protein, of course – might be a good idea.

Homemade veggie juice
It's important to get protein after a workout, but women can also try making a homemade vegetable juice high in the nutrients and vitamins their bodies need. Use leafy greens like kale, collards, spinach and dandelion greens. They are all high in iron and many are high in vitamin B6. Blend the greens with sweet fruits like pineapples and bananas to make the vegetable juice more appetizing.

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