5 summer treats under 50 calories

There are plenty of ways to incorporate avocados into a healthy summer snack!

Summer is just around the corner, which means that it is time to start shaping up and trimming down to look your best! The No. 1 way to stay cut and feel great in the heat is by eating right and avoiding unhealthy temptations. While scarfing a ballpark frank, chili cheese fries and a sugary snow cone sound like solid summer snacks at the time, indulging in these unhealthy vices will start to pack on the pounds. So ditch the greasy fried foods, ignore the ice cream truck siren and feel good about your dietary decisions with this nutritional list of five quality treats all under 50 calories to keep you lean and on the go this summer!

Fruit kebabs
Of course there is nothing like firing up the grill and relishing an old fashioned outdoor summer cookout, but eating too many meat kebabs are a quick way to expand that belly. Instead, fix up some fruit skewers as a nutritional snack substitute that is as tasty as it is healthy. Cut up some strawberries, melon and grapes that will provide an eclectic blend of antioxidants that won't spoil your appetite and keep you active. Applying a few slices of each fruit to a kebab stick will come out to well under 50 calories, while providing the perfect amount of energy to avoid that mid-day crash.

While carrots and broccoli get all the attention for their nutritional qualities, cauliflower is an often forgotten bite-size snack that boasts as many vitamins and minerals as any of the other usual vegetables. Just one floret of cauliflower possesses three calories, meaning a couple handfuls worth will leave you feeling great for way below 50 calories. Plus, they are packed with boron, a mineral that can help build muscle and enhance testosterone levels, making it an ideal pre-workout treat. You can also steam cauliflower to preserve its vitamin content while making it more tender and tastier.

The plentiful health benefits of avocados have been taken advantage of since the days of the ancient Aztec civilizations, and the fruit continues to provide a healthier snack alternative. One ounce of avocado amounts to around 45 calories, and possesses significant quantities of anti-inflammatory nutrients, such as phytosterols, omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoid antioxidants that boost your immune system. Add in the abundance of iron, magnesium and potassium and you have the perfect snack option that is bursting with taste and nutrition.

This summer, ditch the buffalo wings and head straight for the good stuff. Celery is often served as a side dish accompaniment to fattening appetizers and entrees, but eating them solo will satisfy your hunger without costing you calories. Each stick of celery contains only six calories, while its immense presence of phthalides and coumarin work to lower blood pressure and ease muscle tension. If a plain stalk is a tad too dull for your snack preferences, try dipping them in a bowl of nonfat peanut butter or hummus to help add some flavor. 
Filled with a vast variety of essential vitamins and minerals, asparagus is a great snack that can stimulate your mind and your metabolism. Asparagus is thriving with folate, an anti-aging antioxidant that helps fight symptoms of cognitive decline in the brain, leaving your body and your mind healthier. One serving of asparagus, while containing only three calories, has zero milligrams of sodium and cholesterol as well as zero grams of fat, helping your stomach feel full without looking it.

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