Rollerblading can make for a great workout

Rollerblading is a fun and easy form of exercise.

Bust out the elbow and knee pads, it is time for some skating! While rollerblading is often given up after years of trips, falls and bruises as a teenager, this fun and active pastime is not only an enjoyable way to maneuver around your city, but can provide your body with an amazing and extensive workout. Here are just a few of the ways rollerblading a few times a week can help boost your figure back into shape this summer:

Tone that muscle
Gliding through the streets, weaving your legs faster and faster while guiding your body with your arms seems like quite an exercise when you really think about it. All of these fluid movements while propelling yourself around on rollerblades is also great ways to help build a little muscle.

First off, the constant motion of thrusting and extending your hips is able to tone your quadriceps as well as your glutes. Your glutes are what helps stabilize your body's balance, and consistent rollerblading helps strengthen them and create some tone. Hamstrings are also receiving quite a bit of exercise throughout all of this, with each lift of your foot as you push yourself harder. Then there is your abdominal muscles, which work as the core of your body, orchestrating which leg goes forward as your hips rotate in dictation. Who knew that simply rollerblading could work out all of these muscles at one time?

Get your aerobics going
Rollerblading also works out the most important muscle you have – the heart. Just 30 minutes of actively rollerblading can get your heart rate up to 148 beats per minute, while also helping you burn more than 300 calories. This can equate to just about the same from cycling, while you are also working out all of those muscles, something that can not be replicated through biking.

Sailing around on a fresh new pair of rollerblades is not only a snazzier way to get somewhere instead of running, but it is also easier on your bones. Every time you take a step while sprinting, added pressure is placed upon your ankle and foot joints, which over time can generally lead to occasional pain and fractures. Rollerblading eliminates all of this because you are never adding pressure on your ankles and feet. Instead, you are maintaining an even amount of stress that is minimal and healthier for your body in the long run, no pun intended.

Add some excitement!
Where is the fun in running on a stationary treadmill? Put some thrills into your exercise routine and get back on those rollerblades! They are a great way to get around, fly past some scenery and even walk your dog. Better yet, they require no gasoline or fuel, just a little drive and determination which is always better for the environment. So, the next time you need to go out to run an errand, leave the keys at the house and pop on a pair of rollerblades, one of the more entertaining times you can have while staying active.

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