Top three ways to stay energized for the holiday season

Put on some jams to pump yourself up and stay energized during the holidays.

For most of us, the holiday season, while wonderful, can be pretty tiring as we scramble to purchase gifts, plan holiday parties, and keep our sanity. If you're anticipating a busy holiday season, here are three natural ways to keep your energy high so you can enjoy the season to its fullest:

Food fixes
Maybe your morning coffee just isn't doing it anymore, but you're hesitant to up your caffeine intake too much more. Aside from the usual exhortations to eat well, here are a few more tips that might boost your energy reserves during shopping marathons and baking sessions:

  • Don't eat high-fat foods right before bed. Though you might get a craving for ice cream or French fries, find something 150 calories or less to satisfy your cravings. You'll feel bloated the next morning, which can make you drag throughout the day.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast high in protein, like low-fat Greek yogurt, an omelet or a meal replacement shake made with Naturade Total Soy. Protein will give your brain a boost, and a big – but healthy – breakfast will keep you full without weighing you down.
  • As you're running holiday errands, keep a reusable bottle of water with you at all times. Being dehydrated can make you tired.
  • For a little pick-me-up after lunch, have some peppermint candy. Research has shown that it might enhance both your mood and concentration.

Get pumped up
Sometimes you just need to change gears a little. If you've been wrapping presents, cooking or doing other holiday chores, re-motivate yourself with these tips:

  • Turn on some upbeat music to avoid monotony and have some background beats.
  • Watch a YouTube video that is so funny it makes you almost fall out of your chair.
  • Do some energizing morning yoga or pilates for a burst of energy to start your day.

Sleep style
Aside for getting as much sleep as you can, there are some other things you can do to feel energized when you wake up:

  • Do your best to hop out of bed right away. If you hit the snooze button frequently, put your alarm clock or phone in a place that you can't reach from the bed and turn the alarm on high so you'll be forced to actually get out of bed.
  • Open the shades or turn the light on immediately in the morning. Light tells our internal clocks that it's time to wake up, so do yourself a favor and don't walk around in a dark room.

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