How to pick your perfect pumpkin

Choose the perfect pumpkins for carving or eating!

It's that time of year again, when the leaves change to vibrant hues and the air turns crisp. It's also time to pick your perfect pumpkin for carving, painting, baking or whatever else you can think of. So head to a local pumpkin patch to find your perfect pumpkin and get a little exercise in the process!

For carving
Choose what ever type of pumpkin you like for carving! Some people want one with an even color and a perfectly round shape, while others prefer something with an interesting shape and some bumps and other things that give character. When on the hunt for your perfect pumpkin, just make sure to choose one with a flat bottom – though most of them are bred that way these days – to ensure it doesn't tip over!

For baking
Carving pumpkins have been bred to be very large. Thus, their flesh isn't always the best for eating as it's typically a bit watery and bland. For baking, choose a small pumpkin that is specifically called a "baking pumpkin," such as the sugar pie variety. You can make pumpkin pie or roast it for use in pasta with these small, dense baking pumpkins. They're good for your health – provided you don't pair them with too much sugar! You can also roast the seeds of carving or baking pumpkins for a healthy snack or addition to your trail mix.

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