Health benefits of bowling

Bowling can actually be a great workout.

Though bowling is reminiscent of 1950s America to most, it has actually been around in some form for at least a few thousand years, purportedly developed in Egypt in 3200 B.C. Though we typically think of bowling as a leisure activity – all fun and games – it actually has many health benefits. Here are some examples:

Bowling promotes muscle strength and growth

As an anaerobic exercise, bowling is similar to walking with weights in hand. It works the legs, arms, shoulder, chest and possibly even core muscles. For an extra workout in between turns, practice some simple exercises, such as squats or lunges, using a lighter ball as your weight. According to some research, if one uses a 16-pound ball, a three-game series will cause him or her to swing one-third of a ton of weight!

It burns calories

Sure, you won't burn near as many calories as you would running or biking, but you can shed a few hundred per game of bowling! The important things is that bowling gets you on your feet. Remain standing, rather than sitting after your turn to burn the most calories.

Bowling keeps the heart rate up

It is weight bearing and involves stretching and walking. Standing for the entire game with keep your heart rate up.

It helps with flexibility and balance

During bowling, you flex and stretch various ligaments, joints, tendons and muscles in both the arms and legs. Additionally, supporting  and swinging the ball in the way necessary requires balance.

Bowling is good for happiness

Getting out and going bowling with friends and family members, or in a competitive league, is a good way to stay social and get exercise, all in one. One of the best parts of bowling is that almost anyone can do it!

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