Guide to buying your spouse fitness clothes

Here are some tips for picking out fitness clothes for your spouse.

If you're buying a gym membership or fitness class package for your significant other as a gift – at his or her request, of course  – a good accompaniment is brand spanking new workout clothing. Here are some tips for picking the right outfits to help your spouse be ready to hit the gym:

The basics
The type of workout gear needed depends on what your spouse likes to do for exercise. If he or she is a yoga fanatic, long pants for men and cropped pants for women are the ideal garb because they're comfortable for a meditative state and allow people to do interesting poses without accidentally revealing too much. If your spouse enjoys biking, long spandex shorts are preferable to prevent chafing. The necessary fitness clothing also depends on where your spouse will be working out, and when – a run in an air-conditioned gym is much different than a run outside in 90-degree weather.

Also, look for products made from breathable fabrics, like 100 percent cotton or a cotton blend. Another excellent rule of thumb is to look for clothes made from dry-fit materials, which keep the skin dry by removing moisture from the body. This is particularly important in cold weather, where any extra moisture from sweat can cause the body to cool too much.

Buying for her
If you don't know what color to buy for her, black is always good for pants or tight-fitting wear. Bright, colorful options are good for running shorts and loose-fitting tanks or tops. Workout clothing doesn't have to be highly fashionable, but oftentimes, people feel more confident and are more motivated when they're wearing something they like. Unless you know your spouse's exact brand, style and size preferences in sports bras, it's best to avoid guessing and buying her one. Women often have to try on several  styles before they find one that works perfectly because fit is really important in support garments. When in doubt, stick to the workout basics!

Buying for him
If you're shopping for him, it should be pretty easy to find workout wear as men are notoriously unconcerned about what they put on to run or hit the gym. However, if your spouse is into yoga, you'll have to shop online or look at specialized yoga stores to find yoga pants – you're unlikely to find these at typical department stores. When shopping for support garments, the same goes for men – unless you know the exact brand, size and style that he prefers, avoid buying compression shorts and other supportive underwear.

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