Run in the cold safely with compression pants

Compression pants keep you warm and dry for winter running outdoors.

What are compression pants? If you love running, hate treadmills and plan to exercise outside even in the frigid winter temps, compression pants are your best friend. 

Compression pants or tights fit very close to the body and are made of spandex-like materials that remove moisture – including sweat and wetness from rain or snow – away from the skin. This is very important for cold-weather running because it keeps you dry, and thus warm. Pants made of cotton will soak up moisture, making your body cold and trapping moisture against your skin, which can cause chafing. Choose pants that have minimal seams and aren't baggy.

Here are some other quick tips for cold weather running:

  • Layer up so you can remove clothing if necessary.
  • Buy layers with zippers at the neck and armpit areas so you can vent those spots and keep yourself dry.
  • If it's raining, sleeting or snowing, wear an outer shell that keeps moisture out. Some people even recommend putting plastic baggies on your feet before putting running shoes on to keep your toes dry.
  • Keep as much exposed skin covered as possible – wear a hat or headband and gloves.
  • After your run, change immediately so your body can warm up. It's not good to sit around in damp clothing!

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