Ways to stay motivated to workout during the winter

Here are some tips for staying motivated to workout in the winter.

Working out in the winter can be a real drag, especially when there are heaps of snow on the ground and it's -10 degrees outside. If you don't live close to the mountains, where you can get your exercise and drown your wintry blues by racing down the mountainside on skis or a snowboard and warming up in the lodge with hot cocoa and a fire, you'll have to find other ways to stay motivated to get fit. It's a lot easier said than done, especially when swimsuit season is far in the distance. Here are some tips for staying motivated to workout so that even under that knee-length parka, you're as fit and healthy as ever:

  • Stay warm! There's nothing less motivating than knowing you're going to be cold, so get the right cold-weather gear. If you're going for a run outside, or even if you're just walking to the gym, make sure to have some warm gear like insulated running tights and tops, thin wool socks, running gloves and a hat to keep the heat in.
  • Having a cold or the flu is pretty common in the winter, but staying in shape and exercising has been shown to be a good way to stay healthy. Use avoiding sickness as your motivation!
  • Plan a sunny winter getaway – even a weekend in Florida or Mexico! You'll be more motivated to stay in swimsuit shape.
  • "Check-in" on Facebook, Foursquare or another app before you go to the gym. Then, there's no way to avoid it because you won't want to look like you're pretending to be at the gym!
  • Treat yourself to a new workout class. Many gyms will let you take one trial class to see if it's for you. It's a great idea to try new things when your outdoor exercise is limited in the winter.

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