Super Fan of the Week: Irving Hyppolite

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Irving Hyppolite is a certified personal trainer and fitness director at Bally Total Fitness in Brooklyn, NYC. He’s been training for over 7 years and has worked with hundreds of people from professional athletes to the average gym goer. From years of working with countless of individuals he is now the CEO editor and chief of Quantum Leap Fitness, a platform dedicated to the physiological aspect of fitness and what draws the actions that we exhibit in today’s health and fitness.

Fun fact: In 2011 Irving was the youngest professional football player in the SIFL arena football league while playing for the Harrisburg Stampede. He used his physical ability to propel his career as a trainer and is dedicated to giving back to the culture.

Here’s what Irving had to say about his favorite Naturade product, “I love Naturade’s VeganSmart Chai partially because of the taste but mainly because it’s a cleaner version of protein. Most shakes has so many fillers in them and Naturade has been able to provide a product which has exactly what you need.”

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