Spring exercises to look great for summer

A 90 minute game of ultimate frisbee can burn more than 1,000 calories!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and that can only mean that it's time to spring back into shape for the summer. You will never get that perfect beach body by sitting on the couch and watching television all day, so now is the time to get outdoors and look your seasonal best. Here are a few easy activities and exercises that are simple to do while also providing the best results for a toned figure.

There is nothing like waking up a little early in the morning to get on the bike and cruise through the backroads to catch a sunrise. Cycling is amazing for your body in a number of ways. Because riding a bike is a non-impact exercise, you are taking a lot of pressure off of your bones and joints that you wouldn't do with running, all while receiving essentially the same workout. And it's also great for gradual weight loss as well. According to Harvard University, just a 30 minute bike ride can cut more than 300 calories from your body, so you can wear off the aftermath of a hearty morning breakfast.

If you live near a large body of water, spending a couple hours every week canoeing can provide your body with a number of wide variety of health benefits. Thoroughly pushing and pulling a paddle back and forth through the water will drastically improve your upper body strength, and help sculpt those biceps and pecs. Just 30 minutes of canoeing can help you lose more than 200 calories, plus it is a great way to catch a sunset on the water!

Indoor rock climbing
While this isn't necessarily limited to the spring, indoor rock climbing is a fantastic way to boost not only your flexibility and strength, but it also provides your brain with a test of strategy. When you are hooked up and gripping your fingers on each stone, you are actively engaging your cardiovascular system, increasing muscle strength and eliminating more than 300 calories from your body, all in just a 30-minute workout. Indoor rock climbing is also one of the few exercises that actually challenges your motivation and desire to get to the top, so your pride and reputation are on the line for this activity as well!

Weekly sessions of kickboxing will be sure to put a little spring in your step for the summer! Kickboxing is a complete workout package, especially for those trying to trim a few pounds. An hour of participating in kickboxing or other versions of martial arts can help you burn anywhere between 750 to 900 calories, especially if you include agility exercises like jump rope, which are common warm up activities for martial arts. Not only is it a heavy workout, but kickboxing is a self defense skill you can keep with you for life!

Ultimate Frisbee
Tossing around the Frisbee with friends is less of an exercise and more of an active form of leisure, but following the rules of ultimate Frisbee will not only increase the excitement, but up the ante in exercise as well. Ultimate Frisbee is played out in similar fashion to football, where teams throw the spinning device to each other in hopes of moving down the field and crossing the goal line for a touchdown. A full-on game of ultimate Frisbee can make you burn upward of 13 calories in a minute, which means playing a 90 minute game with your friends can help you lose more than 1,000 calories! Ultimate Frisbee the is the ultimate combination of exercise and socializing.

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