Top 10 mobile apps that can set up fitness goals

Top 10 mobile apps that can set up fitness goals

Your phone may not be a protein meal, but it can be more helpful than you know when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. Here are some of the best fitness smartphone apps:

1. Nike Training Club
Select your goal and your level and choose from a list of workouts that fit your fitness abilities. A Nike professional trainer guides you through each step of the workouts that you choose. After you've finished breaking a sweat, review a short summary of your training to discover how many calories you burned and how close you are to reaching your ultimate goal.

2. Lose It!
This free app allows you to create a personalized weight loss plan. Enter your goal weight and the app will calculate how many calories you need to consume and how many you should be burning off. You can log the food you've eaten during the day straight onto the app and see how much progress you've made.

3. RunKeeper
Track your workouts whether you're outside or in the gym. The GPS system will track anything you do outside, whether it's hiking, running or biking. The app also alerts you of your progress via their audio system as you workout.

4. Vitogo
This app helps beginners looking to stick to a strength training and conditioning regimen. Type in your fitness goals and level and it will generate an effective series for you to try out.

5. SportyPal
When you head out for a run, this app calculates how many calories you burned and even measures the length and time of your run. When you're done exercising, sync your data with your web-based profile and take a look at charts from your past workouts to see how you've improved.

6. Fleetly
This app brings a little friendly competition into your life. If you're the type who needs motivation from others to get going, this app is perfect for you. You can join virtual teams and compete in challenges, all while tracking your fitness goals and progress. It takes your workout from solo to social!

7. GAINFitness
This app builds customizable workouts for each user's specific needs. Start with your goal, whether it's to lose weight, gain weight or just be healthier in general. Enter in the equipment you have to work with, like a chair or a table, and you'll receive a customizable workout just for you.

8. Fitness Buddy
Featuring more than 1,700 exercises and more than 45 full-length workouts, this app is different in that it allows you to listen to music while you exercise. Just enter in your body weight, reps and the weight you used for each exercise, and the app will track your progress for you.

9. CountEat Calories
A healthier body starts in the kitchen. If your goal is to lose weight, you need to be expending more calories than you're taking in. This app helps you to estimate how many calories you consume for each meal and allows you to find a range for how much you should be eating.

10. Cyclemeter
This app, despite the name, allows you to track walks, runs, biking and other activities. It collects significant data like calories burned, distance, speed, average speed and time remaining to allow you to track your workouts.

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  1. Frank Powell says:

    Nice set of apps. There is another app called Healthy Beats that I came across a couple of days. It measures your heart beat by just placing your finger on the lens of the mobile.

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