What is the right amount of post-workout protein?

Here's some advice to help you decide how much protein you need post-workout.

Athletes and everyone even marginally interested in fitness knows that it's important to consume protein after working out. Research by exercises scientists and others has shown that ingesting protein after a workout, in any form, is important for muscle synthesis and the prevention of muscle breakdown. In fact, some people believe that if you don't consume protein after your exercise, you're almost defeating the purpose. But how much protein is enough? And what is the optimal form of protein?

Most nutritionists and exercise scientists seem to agree that as long as you're consuming enough protein every day – which is up to 0.6 grams of protein per pound of body weight for adults looking to maintain muscle, and up to 0.8 grams for hardcore athletes consistently involved in strength training to build muscle – the amount you consume post-workout isn't too important. Generally, between 20 to 40 grams of post-workout protein is enough.

You should consume protein within an hour after working out for maximum benefits. It's important to eat varied protein sources, but whey protein powders like Naturade 100% Whey are optimal for post-workout protein as they work more quickly than whole food sources.

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