Introducing VeganSmart all in one nutritional shake

Introducing VeganSmart - the all in one nutritional meal replacement shake.

Those individuals who live a vegan lifestyle may have difficulty getting an adequate amount of protein into their diet, or are simply getting bored with the protein sources they’re consuming now. But incorporating protein into your diet can be both easy and delicious with Naturade’s VeganSmart. It’s also perfect as a meal replacement shake for anyone. Whip up a shake in the morning or bring it to work for a healthy afternoon snack. Choose from a variety of flavors, including chai, chocolate and vanilla – pleasing a wide range of palates. However, this protein powder offers you much more than a creamy, delicious taste.

VeganSmart benefits

There are so many good things that can come from blending up your favorite flavor shake using VeganSmart:

One of its main purposes, of course, is to provide vegans with protein. This protein powder contains five different non-GMO plant-based proteins, providing all of the essential amino acids in precise proportions for constructing and repairing tissue and muscle. Whether you choose chai, chocolate or vanilla, your body will be getting about 20 grams of protein, which is half of the daily recommended value.

Along with protein, you’re also getting 22 vitamins and minerals as well as 6 grams of fiber, which helps to support normal and healthy cell function and keep you regular. It’s also rich with omega-3s to keep your brain, heart and circulatory system in tip-top shape.

Your stomach will thank you for this cool and satisfying shake because it contains a blend of enzymes which assist in digesting foods more completely for greater absorption of nutrients. With nutrients able to be better absorbed into your system, you’ll be on your way to better health. VeganSmart is also packed with 1 billion colony-forming units of good bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics. They support great digestive health and help to maintain healthy intestinal flora.

Normally, you can’t say that you got the nutritional value of various fruits and vegetables when drinking a frosty shake. But VeganSmart provides nine different fruits and vegetables, which contain antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids – all of which support your overall wellness.

This all-in-one, nutritional, low calorie shake can be enjoyed at any time of day, and is an easy and delicious way to look after your body. Simply grab a blender, pour in 9 to 11 ounces of cold water, non-dairy beverage or juice, and mix in two level scoops of your favorite VeganSmart flavor. Just blend and enjoy! Feel free to add your VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake into your smoothie recipe of choice as well – it’s a great way to add flavor and nutrients.

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