The Benefits of Protein Powder

“How do you get your protein?” a common concern for any plant-based dieter. An important part of any diet, protein helps your body protect itself. If there is not enough protein in a diet the body may not be able to perform everyday tasks such as repairing skin, muscle, cartilage, and bones. However as plant based eaters know there is a wide variety of plant based proteins. Protein powder and supplements are other choices available to those looking to add protein into their diets. Finding protein isn’t the hard part, finding protein that’s tasty is.

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Protein powder may be one of the most versatile solutions. Powders are available in numerous flavors from vanilla to wild berry, and easy to add into any recipe. If protein intake is a concern for you, protein powders can be used to reach your daily requirement!

Homemade shakes with fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables are great for you, and adding protein powder to it, only helps your diet. The fresh ingredients are chosen by you! You can make a protein shake with your favorite fruits and veggies to make sure you enjoy the taste, have the proper amount of vitamins and minerals, and the protein powder promises you’ll meet the daily protein necessary to function efficiently.

Protein shakes have been found to be more effective than a calorie restrictive diet. Not only are shakes more filling and satisfying, but high quality proteins are more satiating than fats or carbohydrates. Additionally, high quality proteins may improve the body’s metabolism. Protein makes your body feel fuller longer, allowing for you to make smarter decisions about your food choices.

If you are working out and trying to increase your strength, having enough protein in your diet is crucial. Protein is what builds every part of your body, and without enough of it, you will not be able to build your strength properly. Weight loss diets often cut back on calories and protein, causing you to lose muscle and slow your metabolism. By the time you come off the diet, you will more easily gain weight back.

Not only are protein shakes chock-full of proteins, but they also have added vitamins and minerals. Pea Protein is a vegan formula that gives you all the benefits of protein powder with the added benefit of tasty treat. If you are looking to start your protein powder journey, Pea Protein in the answer. It will give you the sweet taste of a milkshake, while still allowing you to continue your healthy diet.

Start your journey slowly, with a shake once a day. You can always use less than the recommended 2 scoops to get started, and see how you feel. Most likely, you’ll feel more energy in and out of the gym, and positive effects on your waistline and overall attitude. Start with our Pea Protein in Vanilla or Chocolate!

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  1. Patricia Smith says:

    I love the All-In-One Nutritional Shake. I was wondering what the extraction process for the pea protein isolate is?
    Do you use enzyme extraction?

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