Brown rice protein is a perfect source of protein for vegetarians and vegans. It contains natural starches and proteins like all rice proteins do. However, unlike white rice protein, brown rice protein also has an added benefit of natural fiber content. Did you know brown rice protein is also gluten free and lactose free? Naturade Brown Rice Protein in Vanilla can be your new go-to protein!

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How much protein does brown rice contain?

It typically contains 20-24 grams of protein per a small scoop serving. Using this powder in a smoothie or in baking can allow vegans and vegetarians to achieve their daily recommended protein intake quickly without a problem.

Brown rice protein is easy to incorporate as a post-workout snack. It contains amino acids which are essential in helping to build muscles back up after a tough workout. This protein is also beneficial to take before workouts, giving you energy which can allow you to burn off even more calories.

Still not convinced? This protein can also be used to help burn fat if you are looking to lose weight. It actually has a “thermic” effect, meaning as you ingest it, about 30% of its calories are burned off. Brown rice protein is an ideal complement to any weight-loss snack or meal.

Wait, there’s more. Brown rice protein may help to balance high blood sugar and insulin which can be released after eating large meals. When blood sugar and insulin increases, food often stores in the body as fat. Using protein to balance this process may help to avoid this fat storing process that nobody wants!

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If you are a vegan or vegetarian looking for a healthy way to gain your daily protein intake, look towards Naturade Brown Rice Protein in Vanilla. Not only is it protein-packed, but it may aid in muscle recovery, weight-loss, and prevent fat storage.

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