by Brittany Rowley

It’s been going around recently that caffeine is NOT good for you. Let’s put that myth to rest. TOO MUCH caffeine is bad for you. In moderation, it serves to activate brain functions, stimulate your nervous system and help it fire better, helps you focus, gives you clarity, and boosts your metabolism. These are all benefits of drinking caffeine, but don’t be fooled, not all caffeinated drinks are good for you.

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Those sugary frappucinos definitely are not good for you. The same goes for concentrated energy drinks. Pass on those as well. Opt for simple drinks like unsweetened teas and coffee. My drink of choice is a plain Americano. However, when I’m feeling like I want something a little more decadent, I’ll steam unsweetened almond milk to make a creamy vegan latte!

Most coffee shops offer milk alternatives, so next time you go out for coffee, ask your barista what vegan options they have! Look for drinks that are low in refined sugar and remember, everything in moderation!

P.S. You can add 1 scoop of our VeganSmart for a protein boost!

Try this Proto-Mocha-Latte Recipe from Vegan Health and Fitness Editor, Austin Barbish.

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