How many times have you come home from a long day of work and faced the dreaded question “what’s for dinner”? The answer is simple if you’ve prepared your meals in advance. Here are 5 easy ways to prepare a week’s worth of dinners all at once! Taking the time to prepare meals on Sundays can make the rest of your week less stressful. Preparing meals in advance also allows you to stay on target with your health goals instead of deciding to pick up fast food at the last minute. From looking up recipes to buying groceries, Sundays are a great day to prep for your busy week.

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Live the Naturade Life with these quick tips on planning your meals ahead of time so they’re ready to eat.

1. Compile a list of recipes you know you will enjoy. Make sure the directions are simple enough to follow without a hassle. Bonus points if you make extras or have dinner leftovers. This will relieve you of finding lunch the following day.

2. Once delicious recipes are chosen, draw up a list of groceries to buy for those particular meals as well as ingredients that you can re-purpose every week. It feels great when you get to the supermarket and know exactly which aisles to hit. Having a grocery map will also help you avoid picking up those spur of the moment snacks you really don’t need.

3. Sundays are typically for unwinding, organizing for the week ahead, and spending time with family, but most people have some free time. Squeeze in a few hours to plan your weekly menu, shop for what you need, and prep your ingredients.

4. When it comes to the meals you choose to make, chopping, marinating, thawing, and separating out ingredients can all make cooking a lot easier and enjoyable during the week.

5. Be strict with your meals. Don’t allow yourself to get lazy, bored, or change your mind. Add variations or allow for different cravings, but don’t deviate from your plan.

Planning and preparing dinners ahead of time will help make the daunting “what’s for dinner” question disappear!

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