Eating Vegan doesn’t always mean healthy.

Here’s a lifestyle tip for those living the lifestyle or flirting with the idea of veganism.

Just because you start eating vegan, doesn’t automatically mean you’re eating healthy. There are plenty of artificial, refined, deep fried foods that are completely animal friendly, so its important to be proactive with your health. Set some goals. Opt for plenty of color in your diet because it’s crucial for us vegans to get plenty of necessary nutrients!

Make veganism a lifestyle for yourself and go green! Whether you’re cooking instead of eating out, making protein shakes or getting green juices, or even having raw kale chips instead of potato chips, it makes a huge difference! You’ll feel more energetic, stronger in mind and body, and ready to conquer the world! I can’t say the same about eating junk food….

This week, make a change. Commit to one home cooked meal, one less soda, or anything that will propel you in the right direction and enjoy life!

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