Heritage brands rebrand to meet the modern age

It’s no easy feat to keep up with the Joneses. Successful brands are able to keep up with the changing times by re-branding, re-formulating, and in some cases re-inventing themselves. Check out these four hot old brands, because everything old is new again. Watch this 3-minute video to see how:

  • Naturade, founded in 1926, upped their game to meet the newest tribe
  • Nature’s Way, which is celebrating 50 years on the block, doesn’t look anything like the NW you remember
  • Aroma Naturals, which invented the natural aromatherapy candle category in 1976, is on to something new
  • Mill Creek Botanicals, since 1975, is making a comeback with the most on-point ingredient to hit the streets

Join Todd Runestad, supplements and ingredients editor at New Hope Network, with Shanny Charles, marketing savant at Naturade, as they take a revealing tour of the show floor at Natural Products Expo West 2019.


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