With Spring Break near that means some traveling is set to happen and we’re often asked how do we stay healthy when we travel. Well, here are 6 easy tips to keep you healthy:

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Take a multivitamin to strengthen your body and immune system.

The slightest change in daily activity can cause the body to react, so strengthening your body and immune system with the appropriate vitamins can help keep you healthy.

Avoid crash diets that you will abandon as soon you start your vacation.

Crash diets are often you starving your body from the proper nutrients it deserves. You should never eat fewer than 1,200 calories a day because not only will it slow down your metabolism but it will cause your body to think that you are starving, shocking your body. Then once you begin to eat normally once on vacation your body will only feed on those fats causing weight-gain.

Make some time for a little exercise/ Weight-Gain associated with trips/cruises

Making time for exercise can never hurt anybody. Weight-gain is often associated with vacations, because we all tend to let go and enjoy the unlimited amounts of food our vacations have to offer. But wherever you go, it’s easy to take the gym with you without all the heavy machinery. Squeeze in a 30-minute workout daily, maybe first thing in the morning or before you go to bed at night. Taking a nice jog, brisk walk, yoga or even swimming a couple laps at the pool can help you keep the exercise on your agenda.

Disconnect from home and work (stress)

When we constantly are checking our mobile devices, including cell phone, tablets and laptops we are being disconnected from the main reason we decide to take vacations, relaxation. If you’re going on vacation during a busy time, you will most like be worried about what’s going on at the office instead of focusing on the fun causing you to stress. Stress is one of the most common factors in suppressing our immune systems, leaving us vulnerable to a common cold and sometimes worse.


Getting sleep is often hard to do on vacation when we’re so wired up on having fun and spending the night doing fun activities. But planning activities and planning times to sleep can help keep you smiling rather than yawning. Afternoon naps should be common in preparing you for night time activities. A lack of sleep can compromise our immune system’s ability to be our great line of defense.

Easily stay healthy on your vacation while enjoying every moment of your getaway.

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