It's good practice to consume protein within an hour of working out to help your muscles repair themselves, especially after lifting heavy weights. But during flu season, it's also important to give yourself an immunity boost. While moderate exercise is typically very good for the immune system, going to a gym is not – think of all the germs just floating around on the machines and free weights! And it's nearly impossible to avoid touching your mouth, face or eyes while working out, so you could potentially transfer these germs into your system. Thus, add a boost of immune-supporting colostrum to your post-workout protein shake with this great recipe:

Immune-boosting post-workout recovery shake

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add a scoop of Naturade Pea Protein if you want an extra kick of protein in your shake, and use other ingredients like berries, which are packed with powerful antioxidants to complement the colostrum. Flax seed is great because it has omega-3s and protein, but you can also try chia seeds.

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