A healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be so hard to achieve. The NaturadeLife is about incorporating fitness, environmental awareness and social consciousness into your everyday life.

The NaturadeLife is about making the choice to take the stairs up to your office or choosing to get a Citibike instead of a taxi. It’s about making the decision to put beautiful flowers in the window that not only help decorate your apartment, but also filter the air your family breathes! Most importantly, this lifestyle is about realizing that health begins with yourself, but also extends outwards to the world around you.

Has this ever happened to you? You stayed overtime at work and the gym closed before you could make it. Why should you compromise on your workout? Take the stairs or walk to the train station instead of driving. Those extra five minutes in your commute could help you burn more calories and take a few minutes to enjoy your surroundings.

Ever run into this situation? Your babysitter cancelled and you’re stuck at home when you should be out and about? Instead of fretting, tweak your plans to fit everyone’s needs. Take out those yoga mats and stretch it out with your children. Follow in the footsteps of Instagram stars like Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora) that show how productive, fun and easy it is to do yoga with your kids.

There are ways to live out the NaturadeLife in your home as well. Consider buying energy efficient home products that aren’t harmful to the environment and add to your healthy lifestyle both inside and out! It’s easier than ever and a simple shift to energy efficient light bulbs on a global scale is predicted to trim the world’s electricity bill by nearly one-tenth.

These choices may seem insignificant, but in reality these small choices truly add up and make a big difference. You don’t have to be a fitness guru or a dietician to know how to live a healthy life. It all starts with these small changes to improve your health and mood a little more each day.

The NaturadeLife is for everyone, the question is whether you choose to live it.

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