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Lose weight, feel great with our delicious shakes!

Meal Replacement Soy Protein Shakes

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Nutritious and Delicious Meal Replacements to Help you Lose Weight

Busy lives make it challenging for you to prepare and eat healthy meals while at work or on the go. Meal replacements and protein powders are an alternative if you are looking for a quick, convenient, and nutritious meal solution to help you achieve weight or health goals without feeling hungry or compromising nutrition/energy.

Our products are HIGH in protein and LOW in calories, sodium, and carbohydrates. They contain zero cholesterol, 24 vitamins and minerals; and have LESS than 150 calories per serving (depending on the flavor). They are Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Soy.

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Scientific Advisory BoardWords from our Scientific Advisory Board

“While following a weight loss program, it is important to understand that you want to lose fat NOT muscle. Eating nutritious balanced meals can help. A combination of Meal Replacement/Powders and regular meals can help keep your metabolism active which is imperative in order to burn calories”

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