If you’re tired of winter’s chill and the number it’s done on your health, we have a solution for you. No, we can’t change the weather or take you on a trip to Maui,┬ábut we can suggest a way to bring the tropics into your life! Perhaps a mango passion fruit smoothie will do the trick? Mangos are pretty easy to find in most grocery stores – either fresh or frozen – but it can be difficult to find fresh passion fruit. The best place to look is your local Asian grocery stores, which typically have a pretty excellent variety of tropical fruits.

Mango passion fruit protein smoothie



This recipe is pretty simple – scoop out the flesh of the passion fruits and add it to the mango, crushed ice, coconut water and protein powder. Blend until smooth, pour into a tall glass, garnish with a bright little paper umbrella and enjoy your high-protein smoothie bursting with tropical flavors!

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