Your child has a cough, so your first thought would likely be: how can I help my child feel better? As parents, our number one priority is to find what is best for our children. When they are sick, we want them to recover as soon as possible. However, it can be difficult and even confusing to alleviate a cough naturally. Naturade has a great alternative to traditional cough syrup, which can be full of unhealthy ingredients or chemicals. Naturade Children’s Expectorant Alcohol-Free helps with coughs and is also all-natural and completely safe for your child to digest.

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Naturade Children’s Expec uses Guaifenesin as the main ingredient to combat mucus and and congestion. The formula also includes natural herbs like cocillana bark, peppermint, and rose hips to help soothe aches and pains in the throat. It is also alcohol-free and completely safe for your child, unlike some other cough medicines. Herbal Expec will help break up the congestion your child is experiencing as well as aid in controlling their cough. With herbal expec, coughing will happen less frequently and the formula will help your children’s system become more productive in clearing bronchial passages. Did we mention it comes in a yummy cherry flavor that your child will love?

If you don’t have access to Naturade Children’s Expec immediately, opt for another natural at-home remedy. Some of our favorites are honey, yogurt and peppermint. Honey works best when mixed with a warm cup of herbal tea. Yogurt contains probiotics that help balance your immune system, combating illnesses in the body. Lastly, peppermint is effective due to its ingredient menthol. Menthol is known to act as a decongestant, aiding in breaking up mucus.

It is always the safe bet to choose a natural remedy over any chemical-filled medicine available to you. Whether it is Naturade Children’s Expec, honey, yogurt or peppermint that does the job, we hope your child feels better in no time!

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