On February 3rd 2009 Naturade attended Select Nutrition’s West Table Top Show in Universal City, CA. The event featured many national distributors of natural, organic and specialty foods. Select Nutrition a division of United Natural Foods, distributes more than 14,000 health and beauty aids, vitamins, minerals and supplements from distribution centers in California and Pennsylvania.

Kelli Clinton, Naturade’s Vice President of Sales comments:

“Since 1926 Naturade has taken the reigns as an innovator and provider of all natural health and beauty products all over the world and we are proud to support Select Nutrition. Our combined efforts demonstrate our commitment to the industry and to our customers by providing a wide range of products that improve consumer health.”

Demand for Anti-aging products in the health industry has grown exponentially. Industry experts have predicted that the growth for anti-aging products would be greater and increase from $20.4 billion in 2004 to $30.9 billion this year. In addition to its other lines Naturade has answered that call by featuring the new advanced Ageless Foundation line. Kelli Clinton:

“The Ageless Foundation line are the most advanced anti-aging formulas ever produced. These highly specialized formulas targets many areas of the body with cutting edge anti-aging nutrients and growth hormone releasers and is based upon numerous studies regarding safety and effectiveness. Ageless received a very warm welcome at the show.  We are extremely proud of and look forward to our customers experiencing the benefits from this line.”

For more information on Ageless Foundation Laboratories’ full line of anti-aging and rejuvenation formulas, log on to www.agelessfoundation.com

For more information about United Natural Foods’ shows & events, visit www.unfi.com

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