When people think of Halloween, their first thoughts are costumes and candy. It might seem easier to simply buy a large bag of fun-sized candy for trick-or-treaters, but easier doesn’t always mean healthier. If you want to join in on the trick-or-treating fun and still help kids stay healthy, try swapping out candy bars for these healthier, less sugary alternatives.

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Sugarless Chewing Gum

Sugarless gum is a fun treat that can help keep teeth healthy. With all the exciting flavors and options in the market today, kids don’t even realize it’s a healthier alternative. Definitely a good choice for this holiday!

Trail Mix

A small pack of trail mix can go a long way. Trail mix gives you a fun assortment of snacks in one pouch. If this option sounds like it’s going to cause some uproar from kids, you can pick trail mix with chocolate chips in it! Try this sweet and salty snack instead of chocolate candy bars.

Snack Packs

Still not convinced your trick-or-treaters will be happy with gum or trail mix? Try handing out individually packaged snacks! Pretzels, apple slices, raisins, and mini granola bars are all good alternatives to candy. Some of these treats may even come with exciting Halloween packaging! Keep an eye out for them in local stores.

Tattoos, Toys, and Jewelry

Step away from food altogether with some fun trinkets. Visit your local dollar store for fun goodies to hand out this Halloween. Try temporary tattoos, small toys, and plastic jewelry. These trinkets will definitely limit sugar intake and give kids some fun memories from the holiday.

Now you’re ready to give your trick-or-treaters healthy snacks or trinkets they can enjoy!

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