The Naturade story starts with Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis when they were college friends at Duke University and realized they had so many people in their families with diet related illnesses like diabetes.

10 years later…

Claude and Kareem decided to make their mutual concern their business and launched a business called Healthy Body Products after moving to LA and seeing a 40% child obesity rate. They realized something needed to be done so they founded a healthy vending machine company.

Bringing Change

Battling the major soft drink companies, they successfully co led a movement that got the laws changed in LA banning junk food in schools and were awarded the contract for every public school in LA. And that was 2 years after moving to LA!

Think Bigger

For their efforts, Claude & Kareem were invited by President Clinton and Gov Huckabee to meet and discuss how they did it. They realized that they had to think bigger to really affect change on a global level so they bought Naturade, a nutritional company that was founded in 1926. The thesis was to bring Whole Foods quality products to a Walmart consumer.

We believe everyone should have access to quality food regardless of income, location and race.

A Badass Partnership

Claude & Kareem learned how a plant based diet prevented and even cured many diseases so they partnered with @BadassVegan to launch VeganSmart. Although they knew most people wouldn’t completely change their diets, they knew if they launched a great tasting product with a mission to save lives, you would support. And YOU have!