Does Naturade protein really last for over 35 years? Most people have found something in the back of their cabinet and questioned if it was still good. With all of the natural health products you buy, you can’t help but wonder how long will this product last? It is natural to think something so healthy will not keep as long as something that contains preservatives for the purpose of extending the product’s life in your cabinet. It may surprise you to hear that Naturade’s natural products can last longer than 30 years after you purchase them!

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If you are still skeptical, we don’t blame you. It is hard to believe something so good for your body can last so long! Amy Ortega, reached out to Naturade to share her coworker’s incredible story regarding the longevity of our products. Here’s what she told us:

Mike Holm’s father, clearly an avid Naturade user, purchased over $500 worth of Naturade NRG Protein Booster in 1981. He bought approximately 100 16oz cans. He was an airplane pilot who was a health enthusiast, always working out and using the protein to help rebuild his muscles. After Holm’s father passed away in 2009, Mike discovered numerous cans of the Naturade NRG Protein Booster in a storage container. NRG is made of soy, milk and egg protein that helps support growth of bones and muscles. Since the cans were vacuum packed so well, he decided to test them out. Turns out the protein was in perfect condition after 35 years! Holm used the protein as a meal supplement when he was on a low-carb diet and shared extra cans with his friends to use when their current protein powder supplies ran low. How amazing is it that a product made from dairy and egg products can last so long because of our extra-strong seal?

When you purchase Naturade protein powder, you truly have a product that will last a lifetime – or even longer. You can make the purchase without worrying if the product will go bad in a few years, a concern that is frequently brought up with other natural products.

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