Common Reasons and Solutions for Weight Gain

There are numerous times in our lives where we are more at risk to gain weight. Learning about when those times are can help us try to be prepared to avoid it. A healthy diet can be maintained no matter where you are, and you can choose your favorite form of exercise. From walking every day to powerlifting, have fun trying out different workouts.

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First year college students

  • The majority of college students do not eat the suggested amount of daily  fruits and veggies. 50% of college students also eat fried or fast food over three times a week. While both males and females gain weight in their freshman year, men actually gain more weight than women. College women can feel the pressure of their self-esteem, while men feel the pressure of their ego. This more often than not, brings women to the gym, while men relax. This can easily be worked at with gym trips and Naturade Pea Protein to fuel you.

Long term couples often find themselves slowly gaining weight.

  • Work as a team and inspire each other to work out and eat healthy together. You can try out healthy recipes with our Total Soy Vanilla or simply make shakes. Become each others partners at home and in the gym, by lifting weights or taking a workout class together. Just because you are in a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you automatically have to gain that weight

Holiday season

  • Surrounded by friends, family, and the cold weather, it is easy to gain a few pounds. Try grabbing a friend or family member to hit up the gym with you. Don’t cut yourself off from all the holiday foods, but make sure that you aren’t snacking for fun, and are truly nourishing your body. Make sure to eat enough fruits and veggies before you reach for that cake or pie.

Quitting smoking

  • Cigarettes are one of the most addictive substances in the world. That fact alone makes quitting extremely hard to do. Often times, former addicts turn to food to cope and quickly get those endorphins. But, exercise also releases mass amounts of endorphins. So try a group workout class from kickboxing to yoga and get those feel good endorphins flowing.


  • While this can be a sad chapter in your life, you don’t have to overeat to cope. Instead, think of it as a turning point. You can invest more time in yourself and fill your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly.

With the holidays coming up, it is important to know that you do not have to fall into the cycle of weight gain. While there are many other reasons for weight gain, these are just a few common reasons. Tackle it head on, and make sure you are getting proper exercise along with a proper diet. Try various Naturade protein powders like our Naturade Whey Protein or our Soy-Free Veg Protein Booster

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