Summer is coming to an end, but don’t let the changing seasons stop you from enjoying your favorite summer smoothie recipes like our Summer Sun Soy Protein Smoothie! This smoothie is a delicious combination of cucumber, honeydew, and mint that will leave your taste buds screaming for more. Drink this smoothie as a refreshing breakfast shake to invigorate your morning or as a revitalizing afternoon snack.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this summery smoothie:
1/4 cup cold water
3/4 cup ice cubes
2/3 cup peeled seedless cucumber
2/3 cup honeydew melon
1/8 cup fresh mint
Zest of half an orange
Dash of lemon juice
3 scoops Naturade Total Soy Vanilla Flavored Meal Replacement Mix

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In a blender or smoothie maker, combine water, ice cubes, cucumber, melon, orange zest, and mint. Halfway through blending, mix in two scoops of vanilla flavored Naturade Shake Mix. Process until very smooth. Garnish your serving glass with additional orange zest curls, orange slices, cucumber slices or honeydew slices for an extra flair.

Relax and drink your way to healthy living no matter the season. Enjoy all year round!

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