Super Bowl Sunday Healthy Eating Tips

Football fanatics everywhere rejoice! Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and it brings one of the best excuses to indulge in copious amounts of food over a four hour period. Beware the game day haze where you become too invested in the results to monitor what you are eating. We have put together some healthy eating tips to keep you excited about the game and healthy too!

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Add fruits and vegetables to the snack roster. Super Bowl parties are known for offering snacks like nachos and buffalo wings, but bring some variety to the party. The addition of fruits and vegetables (yes, avocados count too) will offer healthy alternatives to your snacking. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and may leave you feeling full and help to avoid unnecessary eating too!

Take a water break. Drinking water before a big game, whether you are a participant or a spectator is always a good idea. Water may help boost your metabolism or burn calories. A glass of water before the party starts may help curb your appetite and aid you in avoiding extra servings.

Go nuts for your team, literally. Almonds, cashews, or pine nuts are a great addition to any snack table. Not only are they considered to be “the good kind of fats”, but they are easy to control portion sizes. Set them up in small shot glasses to keep your serving sizes small.

Get in a pre-game workout. Cardio exercise before your Super Bowl party may help burn more calories. Exercise may also help decrease the probability of caloric build up. Get in touch with your inner athlete to enjoy the game day festivities guilt free!

Keep these game day suggestions in mind as your prepare to cheer your team onto victory!

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