Our Super Fans are dedicated to the #NaturadeFit lifestyle and love creating fun and unique recipes full of Naturade goodness, from smoothies to muffins, breakfast and so much more. We take pride in being able to work with such dedicated individuals from all walks of life who share the same passion of living a healthy lifestyle with our plant based, innovative products.


Our Super Fan of the week is Jaclyn Gough. Jaclyn is a NPC Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor. She’s been a Vegetarian since 2011 and Vegan since May 2013. Jaclyn is a floral artist and owner of The Skinny Vase LLC. She specializes in Flowers to Wear such as unique headpieces, corsages, flowers for men and women and much more.

A fun fact about Jaclyn is that she’s a fraternal triplet, an artist and huge animal lover. In her dream world she would adopt all the animals in the shelter, but realistically it wouldn’t be fair as it would be nearly impossible to give them all the proper loving and care they need.

Here’s what Jaclyn had to say about her favorite Naturade products: “After coming across Naturade online I did a little online reading and knew I had to make the switch from my current supplement stack immediately. First off the Chocolate VeganSmart Protein is to die for and taste like a rich dessert that is the perfect ratio of protein, carbs and fat among the other nutritional values. I’m obsessed even more with my nightly Chia Seed Pudding.

Naturade Probiotics 30 Billion CFU helps prevent stomach aches after eating and boosts my immune system. VeganSmart won me over after finding out it is not only vegan friendly, but gluten free and can be consumed as a “Meal Replacement” or paired with a small side salad. In conclusion, Naturade products do not contain artificial flavors which are normally used to make something taste better. Real Ingredients = Real Results! Be Smart, Be VeganSmart!”

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