Brittany Rowley lives in Costa Mesa, California. Brittany went on an archaeological dig in Ecuador before discovering her love for sustainable living. She then traveled to New Zealand to learn more about sustainable living. This is where she discovered her deep concern about our environment and her next endeavor is to find a way to apply herself in conservation and/or preservation. A fun fact about Brittany is that in her backyard she has mini orchard of fruit and nut bearing trees!

Her favorite pass time includes being outside-running, biking, hiking, and she loves the outdoors. She also recently developed a passion for indoor spin. In college, at UCI, Brittany pole vaulted for their d1 Track and Field team and studied Drama and Anthropology.

Here’s what Brittany had to say about Naturade, “I’m particularly fond of Naturade products because they are all natural and plant-based ingredients from nature. I had been flirting with becoming vegan for the past year and finally made the commitment two months ago. Naturade products have helped me throughout my transition and continue to nourish my body the way it was meant to be nourished. I love the flavors available and am absolutely in love with the variety of things I can make with Naturade!”

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