Many of us are workaholics and rarely take enough breaks throughout our day or in life. However, breaks are extremely important towards our productivity, whether it be a small break during work or a bigger break like a vacation. Here are four reasons breaks are good for you:

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When we’re working on a task for a long period of time our brains pay less attention to the task across that period of time. Just like our bodies, our brains also need some time to relax and recharge. Breaks allow us to stay functional throughout the day.


We push naps on children but we then forget about ourselves. Naps are important to help boost your memory. Something as little as a ten minute nap can boost your alertness and get you back on track with the rest of your day.

Snack Breaks

If all of your energy is all gone, having a snack break can help you make better decisions. A ¬†healthy snack can help get your glucose levels back up and boost you back up when you’re mentally depleted.

Vacation are important 

Vacations aren’t just for fun, they’re important to help keep you healthy. Not only can a vacation help reduce your stress but it can also improve your concentration when you return back to work and you may even find an increase in your overall job satisfaction.

So that next time you feel like getting up to take a break, go for it. Stay focused and productive.

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