The last-minute beach body workout

You may not think that you have time to get the bathing suit body you always wanted before summer's end, but there are actually lots of speedy exercises that you can do to gradually improve your beach bod! If you have 15 minutes to train before hitting the sand, you can get your body looking great in that bikini with these easy-to-do fitness tips.

1. Cross-Body Mountain Climber
Mountain climbers are a full-body workout that can strengthen legs while toning your tummy. Get your body into pushup position, and brace your abs. Keeping your core tightened, pick up your right foot and bring that knee toward your left shoulder. Return to your starting position, and make the same motion with your left leg. Complete 12 reps per leg, remembering to brace your core throughout the workout.

2. Alternating bug
The alternating bug is a great core workout that can also improve coordination. Start on your back with both arms and legs pointed at the ceiling and your feet flexed. Next, lower your left arm and right leg until they are parallel with the floor. Bring your arm and leg back to their previous position, and do the same thing with your other arm and leg. Continue alternating with slow, fluid motions for 30 seconds.

3. Curtsy lunge
To strengthen and tone your legs, try a curtsy lunge. Begin by standing with your feet together. Step into lunge position with your left leg, bringing the foot across your body and in front of your right foot while dropping your right knee. Use both feet to push yourself back into a standing position, and repeat the same motion with your right leg. Remember to keep your chin and chest up throughout the lunging motion – no slouching! Do 10 reps with each leg. 

4. Superset plank
Planks are a great, low-impact exercise that will strengthen your core and arms. To start, get into a modified pushup position with your elbows beneath your shoulders and your forearms in front of you on the floor. Your body should be in a straight line, and your shoulder blades and back shouldn't be sticking up into the air. Brace your abs and maintain the position for 30 seconds. 

5. Jump and tuck
This routine is slightly more challenging, but it can really help improve lower body strength. Begin with your feet hip-width apart. Bend at the knees, pushing your hips back into a squat, and jump as far forward as you are able. Land with your feet hip-width apart, and immediately jump as high in the air as possible, bringing your knees up into your chest. Try to land softly, with your knees slightly bent. If you find that this is too tricky at first, don't worry! Regular squats are a fine substitute.

6. Push-ups
Never underestimate the effectiveness some good old-fashioned push-ups can have on your arm tone! First, do pushups for 20 seconds. At the top of your last push-up, hold the position for an additional 20 seconds. Repeat the routine four times, taking breaks as necessary in between sets. 

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