Naturade, Costco and the LEAD Program Partnership

Costco is donating 25% of its profits of the sale of Naturade products to the LEAD Program. In FY 2021-2022, Costco donated $197,000.

About Naturade

Naturade is a natural products company owned by LEAD Alum Claude Tellis and Kareem Cook. Their mission is reversing diet-related illnesses rates that disproportionately affect underserved communities. Naturade sells plant-based meal replacements and nutritional shakes. Costco sells Naturade’s High Protein Weight Loss Shake.

Prior to owning Naturade, Claude and Kareem founded Healthy Body Products and played a major role in removing junk food from the Los Angeles public school system. Kareem and Claude helped to change the law to ban junk food and were rewarded the contract for every public school in Los Angeles two years after founding Healthy Body Products.

Supporting the LEAD Program

In 2021, Claude and Kareem convinced Costco that there was a need for their product in Costco Warehouses. After hearing their story, Costco leadership learned Claude and Kareem were the product of tremendous educational programs that greatly impacted their lives.

One of Costco’s biggest initiatives is supporting inner city education. Costco has given away $75 million in scholarships to minority high school students to attend college. Costco decided to donate 50% of their profits to the inner-city education programs of Naturade’s choice. They chose to ask Costco to split the donation between Prep for Prep and the LEAD Program.

Get involved!

In 2022, the donation amounted to $197,000 to each organization.  However, if Naturade can sell enough product to be rewarded all eight regions of Costco Warehouses, that would amount to a seven-figure check donated to the LEAD Program on an annual basis.  Help us get there!

You can help increase the donation!

When you purchase Naturade High Protein Weight Loss Shake you can help increase the amount donated to the LEAD Program.

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If you live in the following states, you can walk into a Costco Warehouse and purchase the shake: California, Hawaii, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.