For those who have yet to experience the immunity supporting properties of colostrum, it is time to get acquainted. Colostrum is the pre-milk produced in the mammary glands of all mammals to give their newborn the support to transition from the protected environment of the womb into our biologically active world. Colostrum possesses a number of essential components: immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and proline-rich polypeptides work to balance your immune system and at the same time, keep you feeling like being active after intense exercise. Of all the incredible qualities of colostrum, it is the naturally occurring growth factors that can provide support that athletes seek – prolonged stamina and strengthened muscles. Here are a few reasons why the growth factors make colostrum a must-have supplement for your body:

What they are
Growth factors are essentially naturally occurring hormones abundant in colostrum. They serves to stimulate cellular growth within the body. Activating cellular activity is important because it provides an opportunity for the body to maintain a balanced immune defense. Some of these factors can include smoothing out muscle cells and promoting communication between immune cells to support a normal, healthy body. They also assist with the maturation of cells, specifically helping bone morphogenetic proteins.

How they work
In a nutshell, growth factors act as chemical messengers that provide quicker communication between various cells within the body. Let's say that your skin is irritated. Growth factors will act as the body's messenger service, issuing signals to skin cells to work together with fibroblasts to return to a normal functional state.

Why you need it
As we continue to age, it is harder for our bodies to continuously produce or obtain growth factors. Everything from the immune system, to energy levels, to skin starts to show signs of wear the older we become, which is why adding colostrum to your diet will help keep your body feeling and looking younger. Steady contribution of growth factors may help ease early aging side effects.

An excellent source of growth factors is Symbiotics Colostrum Plus. Symbiotics Colostrum Plus has been tested in laboratories to verify the absence of artificial hormones, pesticides and antibiotics, so you can rest assured your body is receiving a full-on natural product. It is never too late to start seeing and feeling the effects of the natural growth factors in colostrum.

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