by SuperFan Brittany Rowley

The most important tool you possess during your transition to a vegan lifestyle is the power of your mind. This is something that can help or hinder you, so it’s important to maintain a healthy and positive mindset. Something that helps me tremendously, even to this day, is the power I hold in how I look at food. Of course we’ve all been tempted by scrumptious looking non-vegan goodies, but what you tell yourself will determine if you follow through with your choice to be vegan or if it results in guilt from indulging unintentionally. “Can’t.”

This word will set you back every time. Instead, when you are confronted with the urge to eat foods that involve animal cruelty, don’t think of it as you “can’t” have it, but rather as you DON’T WANT it. When you have that strength to say you don’t want something, you are no longer tempted or controlled by that desire to have what you are “not allowed.” I promise once you change your mind, the possibilities are endless.

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