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Home-grown vegetables always taste fresher and crisper than vegetables bought from the store. Do you want to grow some of your own vegetables? Is the new farm-to-table movement inspiring you? Start today with simple gardening tips from Naturade! The most difficult part is choosing what to grow!

There are three basic concepts you have to master to be a successful gardener: planning, preparation, and process.

Keep ideal temperature, sunlight exposure, and potential yield in mind when choosing which crops to grow. Map out your garden before planting.

Now that you have a great foundation, start putting it to action! Buy the tools you need, such as gloves, a hose, snips, pruners, a spade, trowel, or hand fork. Before planting, loosen the soil where you plan on putting your first veggies. If you desire, you can also add composted manure or other organic materials to the ground.

It’s finally time to have some fun and start growing! Once you’ve planned and prepared your gardening area, all you have left to do is plant those seeds. Remember to nurture and take care of your plants, checking and watering them regularly.

Below are some tips for choosing, growing, and harvesting your new garden!


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