Weight Training: Men vs. Women

It has been long debated on whether men and women can perform the same exercises with the same techniques. The answer is yes men and women can perform the same exercises. Men may be able to build muscles faster and tend to be bigger, but women can easily do the same exact things that men do in the gym. Despite having similarities in their workout routines, there are physical differences among men and women that may cause different outcomes when it comes to weight training.

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Muscle Mass and Testosterone

Ever notice men having larger muscles than women? Of course you have. It’s easy to notice. This is because men are more likely to gain larger amounts of muscle mass. Due to testosterone levels in men it is easier for them to gain muscle mass. While testosterone in both men and women aid in the building of muscle mass, men have it easier. Their higher levels of testosterone can lead to larger muscles than women.

Muscle Mass Distribution

The body composition of men and women are more similar than you think. The differences mostly occur because of male and female hormones. Muscle mass is distributed differently between the two because men have higher levels of testosterone and similar hormones that are necessary in building muscle mass. The muscles of men and women appear differently in the body because of these hormone differences. Men have higher levels of lean muscle, which may make it easier for them to appear stronger and more muscular than women. This should not deter women from strength training, it should encourage them! Without the necessary muscles and hormone levels it is difficult for women to take on the dreaded “manly” appearance.

Injuries While Working Out

Due to testosterone, men have stronger tendons than women have. This means men are less likely to get hurt while working out. However, men can still severely hurt themselves during training if proper precautions are not taken. If anyone, men or women, push themselves too hard, work out for too long, or use an improper method of training an injury may still occur. Men may also recover from injuries quicker than women because of their higher red blood cell count.

It is important to remember no two people are the same. A workout that works for someone of similar body composition to yours may not yield the same results. Be sure not to exert yourself while working out, no matter your gender.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Training: Men vs. Women

  1. Laurie says:

    I definitely think it is important for both men and women to strength train. Your body needs muscle to help move the body, building muscle helps lower the risk of certain diseases and strength training helps build bone density. Thanks for sharing!

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