Imagine walking up the stairs to your yoga class and immediately feeling motivated by Drake’s “started from the bottom now you’re here” lyrics. These stairs set the tone for Y7 Studio’s overall vibe.

The unique hip hop yoga studio was created by Sarah Levey and her husband Mason Levey when they felt unfulfilled at other yoga classes. They wanted something more challenging, but still fun. That’s when they decided that yoga set to energetic, upbeat music would be the perfect solution.

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y7 stairs

#WeFlowHard is the motto of this cutting-edge studio. Each class combines darkness, heat and the latest hip hop beats. There are no mirrors in the studio so people can really focus on their own individual practice and how they feel in each pose.

Y7 offers two different classes, a vinyasa class and a slow burn class. WeFlowHard Vinyasa follows sequences of movements, focusing on the use of breath with each position. WeFlowHard Slow Burn centers around the specific structure and foundation of each pose.

y7 yoga

This studio has truly created a brand which combines hip hop with spiritual fitness. The wall art in the studio is a play on popular hip hop artists and songs. There are signs that read, “namastizzle” and “hold on we’re going om,” modeled after Snoop Dog and Drake lyrics. Y7’s official yoga and fitness apparel also references rap lyrics. “Hey what’s up let’s flow” and “99 problems but a bridge ain’t one” are popular twists on lyrics.

y7 clothes

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If you’re looking for something different than your usual meditation and yoga practice, give Y7 a shot. It is a whole new, energizing experience. Vogue says it’s for “people who put on gangsta rap and handle it.” If that’s you, head over to the West Hollywood, Flatiron, Soho, Union Square or Brooklyn location!

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