New initiative aims to bring health, wellness to Chicago’s neighborhoods

Grant Hill and Kareem Cook talk about how Naturade is looking to make healthy and nutritious food available to all people regardless of income or grocery access.

Source: Fox32 Chicago

COVID-19: A message from Naturade

There’s a disparity in the overall health between the general population and the African American population. We over index in diet-related illnesses, which results in debilitating diseases being even more deadly in African American communities. Naturade has made it our foundation and mission to fill that gap that is the disparity, and lift overall health levels in the country.

Because we are a nation comprised of so many diverse segments, we can often identify those qualities that make us different and segment ourselves further. However, it is in these moments of tragedy and tribulation, that we identify the commonality between us that makes us great, and together we have always and will always overcome any challenge before us. Since 1926, Naturade has proudly stood in the gap to ensure we are eating to be healthy and have optimized immune systems. We are prepared now to do what we have always done.

Naturade is prepared to offer nutritious, affordable meals to all those who have no access to nutritious food. We are looking to work with any retailer, distributor or organization that would like to partner in these times in order to setup distribution paths allowing this access to our consumers who need it most. We look forward to hearing from you and thank all those on the frontlines taking the major risks. We applaud and support you! God bless you and your families.

Kareem Cook & Claude Tellis
Owners of Naturade

Our Journey

Join us on a journey along the streets of LA, NY, Duke University and beyond all in an effort to change lives in our communities through years of hard work — work thats rewarded with a perfectly handcrafted premium plant based shake at the end of everyday.

We’ve got pride in what we do. Pioneers for the future, not prisoners of the past. Here’s to you and yours. Join us.